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Are There Puppet Masters Behind PETROS? – Ngajat Sarawak

The intrigue around Sarawak’s move to establish Petroleum Sarawak (Petros) to challenge the Petroleum Nasional (Petronas) the national oil and gas custodian and regulator in Malaysia is unprecedented. Outwardly, this seems to be a cry for the state to manage its Oil resources, but in true Shadow Play that is popular in the state – nothing is what it seems.

Are there puppet masters directing the play from the shadows, and is Petros really for the benefit of people of Sarawak or the elite political mafia that has run the state for the past 40 years? As Malaysia looks for closure in the 1MDB epic thievery of Najib’s administration, Petros is shaping up to be the sequel to the sordid story of greed and crony capitalism of the Taib leadership.

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