What will the world be like in 2025?

The future has always fascinated us. When we think about life years from now, we tend to think of futuristic technology that will make everything easier.

At Gemalto, we are always thinking about the future, but were curious to learn what other people from around the world thought too. So, in January 2016, we asked 1,200 millennials from Brazil, China, France, Germany, the UK, and the U.S. for their thoughts!

The answers were really interesting, and show how far people think technology will go in the next decade.

Connectivity and security

  • 61% expect ?always on? mobile data and seamless Wi-Fi offloading wherever they are
  • 87% expect high-speed 5G internet access to make accessing any online content a painless experience
  • 67% still expect to unlock their phone with a fingerprint, but 43% expect to scan their retinas, and 33% think their phones will be able to identify their DNA

Getting around the cities of the future

  • 63% expect driverless cars to be commonplace in 2025
  • Over a quarter even expect to be able to take a nap on a bed while their car does the hard work!
  • 59% also expect car keys to be made obsolete in favor of touch-based DNA recognition
  • 44% expect public transport systems to automatically adapt to surges in demand

Health and society

  • 59% expect a connected implant to provide them and their doctor with real-time access to blood pressure levels
  • 63% expect healthcare trackers to show a 3D display of your heart
  • 61% think they?ll never miss a meeting in 2025 thanks to virtual PAs organizing their schedule. 42% expect them to plan their social lives too!
  • 32% expect coins to be a thing of the past


  • 63% think our employers will use fingerprints to control access to our places of work
  • 25% expect computers to be able to read thoughts directly from our brains!

Source: Gemalto

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